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It's one of the most important factors in selling a home.  The roof of a home is a big part of curb appeal and the first thing a buyer notices when looking at a potential new home.  If the roof is dirty, an untrained eye will think it needs to be replaced. Replacing a roof can cost anywhere from $5,000-$20,000 and can take months to schedule and complete. We can clean the roof for 90 to 98% cheaper than replacing it. The cost and the headache of roof replacement can also be a deal breaker for a family looking to purchase a home.  Eliminate those doubts and drastically increase the curb appeal of your listing now, with Clean Roof STL!












Our soft wash technique is the fast, low-cost alternative to replacing your roof. We are a professional, relaiable roof cleaning business ready to help you increase the CURB APPEAL of your listing.  Clean Roof STL uses a soft wash system that is approved of and recommended by shingle manufacturers.  Don't go through the headache and expense of installing a new roof to help sell your listing. Call the soft wash experts at Clean Roof Saint Louis and get your roof looking brand new today!




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